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MAG members are fighting for the very future of biking as we know it! Operation Earthquake means contacting our MPs to protest about the abolition of new internal combustion engined vehicles, cars from 2030 and bikes from 2035. Our Wirral MPs email addresses are;-





This is an example of the sort of email you could send to your MP. We need anyone who opposes the ban on new petrol vehicles to contact their MP and express their views.

I’m (xxxxxx) and I’m one of your constituents. My home address is (xxxx xxxxxx).

I’m requesting answers to questions on the Government’s proposed ban on the sale of new petrol motorcycles, scheduled to begin in 2030. As you may know, in October 2022 the Centre for Economics & Business Research (CEBR) – a well-respected, independent research body – issued a report on the cost of the Government’s proposals to force an end to the sale of internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs) in favour of a wholesale move to battery electric vehicles (BEVs). Here it is:  Cebr Analysis of 2030 Ban (mag-uk.org)

The study shows that additional costs dwarf any environmental benefit. New vehicle purchase costs are at least £188 billion. The time lost for drivers and riders waiting for EVs to recharge is valued at a minimum of £47 billion. Charging and distribution infrastructure costs £99 billion. Any benefits BEVs offer are also undermined by the emissions involved in vehicle production, mining for battery minerals, and shorter vehicle lifetimes: 8.1 years for a BEV compared with 13.9 years for an ICEV. The study also forecasts a significant loss of tax revenue, which can only result in higher rates of Income Tax or VAT, or cuts to essential public services. Alternatively, BEV users will be charged comparable levels of tax as currently apply to petrol and diesel users, thereby wiping out any current financial savings, while retaining all the drawbacks associated with EVs (limited life, low or no resale value, range anxiety, time wasted charging, and home charging issues for millions of citizens).

Specifically, here are the questions I’d be grateful if you could respond to:

1 Will you ask the Government to abandon plans to ban petrol and diesel vehicles?

2 Would you like to provide a quote about what you have said for our press release, which will be shared with the thousands of riders and other vehicle users in your constituency, through Motorcycle Action Group, the Alliance of British Drivers, Fair Fuel UK and the local media?

Kind regards,

Lembit Opik is working on a campaign to reverse the ban on vehicles with internal combustion engines which will involve us writing to MPs to ask if they support the ban or not. MAG has joined forces with Fair Fuel UK and the Association of British Drivers to fight the ban. The Centre for Economic and Business Research has published a report on the economic impact of the ban here MAG’s CEBR report on the Economic Impact of the 2030-2040ICEV-Ban (mag-uk.org)

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) has co-funded a report from The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) on the Government’s proposal to ban the sale of internal combustion engined vehicles (ICEVs) within a 2030 to 2040 timeframe. The report shows that the economic impact of the ban will be five times higher than any economic benefits

Trials in various areas have begun of the new noise cameras which can supposedly pinpoint the vehicle emitting excessive noise. There is also a camera van which records people using a phone while driving or not wearing a seatbelt.

Sven has had a non-committal reply from Angela eagle who merely outlines government policy on bus lanes and secure parking and appears to support the ban on internal combustion engines. He is looking onto the secure bike parking situation in Liscard and has discovered two car parks with the facility. The only problem is that bikes appear to have to pay to park there and the Cherry Tree centre car park is operated by a private company, rather than the council. It would be interesting if any Wallasey residents would do well to contact their local councillors for a response and let us know.