WTOMCC Committee Thoughts and Ideas


The meeting is 8 pm on Wednesday 14th April

Greetings committee members, this area/page is for you all to make comments, share ideas and get an idea of what’s to be discussed/approved at meetings etc. This is just a sample page for now until approved by the Chairman of WTOMCC

  • NACELLE ADVERTISING FORMAT? on social media and web site, the ads need the Nacelle logo and look official to help promote the branding of the club and keeping in line with the Triumph branding and advertisements they use. An area on the web site is to be made for all the nacelle updates, rides and info, so as other members can see the updated info, and also respect the nacelle brand, look at other clubs forms of advertising and marketing, it needs to be uniform and branded to keep in line with Triumph.co.uk
  • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING – Who is the Facebook/Instagram/YouTube social media manager/in charge of posts u[dates/new additions and keeping the posts Branded and relevant to the club,
  • DGR RIDE WITH WHDR – IDEAS for raising some funds, photography, media advertising, flyers, club requirements etc. What plans are being proposed. I will support the club at the event with Photography and Drone footage, before during and after the ride.
  • A page on the web site for committee members to chat, add ideas, suggestions, event prep etc in one central place?
  • 2021 BIKE SHOW IDEAS/DATE SPONSORS? WEB ADVERTISING/ themed fancy dress for the prize for say (Distinguished English gent style?) I offer a photography package deal for a prize, includes 6 printed A4 colour or Black & White pictures, winners choice, any other prizes being offered? any ideas for the show, donations/sponsorship for the event? Clatterbridge cancer charity collection bucket stick on the flyer, give me the info to go on those and I will design and print-ready for the donation buckets. maybe a few t-shirts to be sold through the social media Facebook/Instagram accounts, all proceeds for the charity.
  • SPONSORS/ADVERTISERS BUSINESS ADDS ON WEB SITE. Businesses advertise on the club web site with an annual fee of £50, this includes advertisers own page, all info and images they want to add, links to their web site and social media/advertising, with contact info, business address and phone numbers.
  • CLATERBRIDGE FUNDING PAGE UPDATES. Ideas to help promote the Clatterbridge cancer charity, I will make and print flyers to help advertise and promote, I will add on social media and any areas that may benefit and gain donations. A T-shirt Design on a regular Black or white T-shirt, Saying I have donated to Clatterbridge cancer charity with pride, and given free to anybody donating £50 or more to the charity. Outdoor camping field/garden to raise money for the charity, collections at the Bike show, all thoughts and Ideas appreciated.
  • Website updates/ new pages? any ideas or thoughts for new sections/pages for the club website?
  • Business advertising page may be £50 per page, add includes pics of business, info about the business, links to the web site, social media, phone number, money goes towards the club running cost and 10% ? or more to Clatterbridge cancer fund? Ideas, please
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