Cup of Tea Ride (OF)

Sunday 6th June cup of tea challenge (OF)

Eight of us met at the Thatch and headed off for Frodsham. Numbers were a bit depleted this time with people being away at work or on holiday.
We met Paul at Frodsham and had a photo session at the road sign. Chris was supposed to meet us here but was still recovering from a mammoth drinking session so thought better of it.
Mal had a ‘low petrol’ warning light come on but there wasn’t a petrol station to be seen.
We rode on to Oulton Park, inadvertently going two separate ways at a busy junction, and took another load of photos at the entrance sign when we all found each other again. We now have the ‘Cup of’ done and dusted for the Great British challenge and hope to get our ‘tea’ on the next ride, 4th July, when we will be meeting up with our friends in the North Wales branch.
Like the angel of doom, Roy complimented me on how well the Bonnie was running and next thing it refused to start, even after a shove down the road from Stu and Steve. Further investigation revealed it was the pesky loose wire to the coil that had previously caused me grief coming back from the MAG meeting a couple of nights ago. Luckily Stu had some pliers handy and after crimping the connector good and tight it gave no more trouble.
Mal and Roy shot off to find a petrol station while the rest of us headed to the Fourways cafe at J & S for a fry-up. By the time we all met up there, Mal said his petrol warning light went out but then an engine management light came on! Four of us went back to the Thatch while the others went their separate ways. My flasher unit breathed its last and the tank centre nut vibed off en route but I managed to catch it and put it in my pocket, so had a couple of jobs to do when I got home but other than that a great day out!
(Thanks to Dave Pearson for this writeup)

Sunday 6th June

A short ride for part two of the club’s CUP OF TEA CHALLENGE

For sesame Street fans today’s letters were brought to you by O and F
We met at the thatch at 10:30 and departed around 10:50 heading towards Chester along the Chester High Road towards Helsby over the very scenic Helsby hill dropping neatly onto the B5152 where we convened at Lady Heyes, photos taken in front of the Frodsham sign we then moved onto Oulton Park raceway for more photos
We then took the short ride to Oakmere and Fourways Cafe at J&S
(Information provided by Stu Shepherd)